Engine Oil Galley Plug Replacement

Parts and Tools required:

Small Drill Bit and Sheet Metal Screw

1 - 37/64 Drill Bit


2 - (1) 3/8 Pipe Tap

3 - (1) 3/8 Pipe Tap with 1st 1/2 inch removed and the cutting edges tapered

Case Sealant

1 - 3/8 Brass Pipe Threaded Plug

Drill a small hole in the suspect oil galley relief plug. Screw a sheet metal screw into the plug and pull it out. Stuff tissue into the hole to catch the filings. Drill the galley plug hole with the 37/64 drill and then pull out the tissue with the filings (in the front, remove the oil filler base to help clean the debris from the case). Lubricate both taps (the one you cut is to ensure you can thread the complete length of the hole (it is called a bottoming tap).

Restuff the hole with tissue and tap the case hole. Using the bottom tap, complete the threading of the hole. Finally, install the 3/8 inch brass plumbing plugs with case sealer.

With this repair method completed, you will never again have the galley plugs loosen.

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