Boxster Bike Rack Installation

The bumperettes and receivers always remain in place, and the hitch and other accessories are very easily mounted and removed.

You will need to purchase the bike carrier, available on the net. Some drilling (aluminum bumper brackets and bike carrier frame), cutting (bike carrier frame tube), and very slight trimming (bumperettes) required. You may also want to get two front wheel carriers.Modifications and installation are relatively simple; all hardware provided, as well as drilling template, part's list, and installation instructions.

This system utilizes these commercial products:
Thule # 927 Fork Mount Module (Velo Vise fork mount bike carrier) made to insert into top of Space Station Base [not req'd].If you already have this, it can be modified to utilize the Receivers and Bike Carrier Adapters. Thule # 928 Two-Bike Add-On.Easiest and best way to go to carry two bikes.Frame requires some cutting, drilling, and paint touchup.Use Receivers and Bike Carrier Adapters. Thule #929 Luggage Carrier Module (49 in. x 18 in. x 4 in.).Anodized aluminum tray w/ tubular steel frame.Frame requires some cutting and drilling.Uses Receivers w/ Adapters. Framework to utilize Yakima fork-mount bike trays also available. Yakima # Y2006 Wheel Fork.Well-made, easiest to adapt, best value. Requires minor disassembly and drilling.Additional hardware required. Kryptonite Receiver Hitch Pin Lock (1/2 in.); Hitch Pin Cable also available.

1998-2000 Porsche Boxster
Caution: Trailer tires must be inflated to within rated range.
A trailer with under-inflated tires may cause excessive load.
An unloaded trailer with highly-inflated tires may bounce about

Parts List:
1. Receiver - R.H.(1)
2. Receiver - L.H.(1)
3. Socket Head Bolt (Gr5) - 3/8 x 1(4)
4. Lock Washer - 3/8(4)
5. Clevis Pin - 1/2(2)
6. Hairpin(2)
7. Paper Template(1)
Ball Mount
1. Ball Mount - R.H.(1)
2. Ball Mount - L.H. (slotted)(1)
3. Hex Bolt (Gr2) - 1/2 x 1 1/2(2)
4. Hex Nut - 1/2(2)
5. Flat Washer - 1/2(2)
6. Lock Washer - 1/2(2)
Bike Carrier Adapter
1. Adapter(2)
2. Hex Bolt (Gr2) - 5/16 x 3(4)
3. Lock Nut - 5/16(4)
4. Large Flat Washer - 5/16(4)

1. Remove rubber bumperettes using 6mm allen wrench from bottom.

2. Place supplied paper template on bracket as shown on template; use a center punch to mark hole locations.Draw centerlines to help you keep drill on mark.

3. Drill (2) 13/32 in. holes in each bracket.Hint: It is much easier to stay centered by pre-drilling 1/8 - 3/16 in.Keep drill perpendicular to surface.

4. Slide receiver plate behind bracket.Insert and tighten 3/8 Socket Head Bolts and Lock Washers.Lay a straightedge across the tops of the receivers to assure they are level to one another.Slightly loosen bolts and adjust, if necessary; TIGHTEN BOLTS to 30 ft-lbs of torque.

5. Notch bumperette to fit over receiver mounting plate and remount it.

Ball Mount
1. Place L.H. Ball Mount (slotted) on top of R.H. Ball Mount and align holes.Insert 1/2 x 1 1/2 Hex Bolts and Flat Washers from top side and loosely fasten with Lock Washers and Hex Nuts.

2. Slide Ball Mount tubes into Receivers and insert Clevis Pins.Position Ball Mounts so they fit loosely in Receivers, and tighten bolts.
Remove Clevis Pins.The assembled Ball Mount should slide relatively freely into and out of the Receivers.Adjust, if necessary,and TIGHTEN BOLTS to 50 ft-lbs. of torque.

3. Insert 1 7/8 in. diameter chrome forged steel trailer ball with 3/4 x 1 3/4 in. shank (purchased separately). Tighten ball per manufacturer's instructions.

Note: Remove Ball Mount when not in use to prevent theft and improve appearance.

WARNING: When using Ball Mount, always be sure both Clevis Pins are in place and securedwith Hairpins.Secure safety chain to Ball Mount with "French Link" when towing.

Bike Carrier Adapters
These adapters support the very high-quality Thule Space Station Fork Mount Module or Two-Bike.

1. Remove the short mounting tube from the center of the main tube of the Thule bike carrier.

2. Measure installed Receivers center-to-center; this dimension equals the spacing of the Bike Carrier Adapters.

3. The center of the Thule bike carrier is the point from which you removed the original mounting tube in Step 1.Equally space the Bike Carrier Adapters on this centerline using the dimension measured in Step 2.Drill (4) 3/8 in. holes through the Thule main tube, matching the pattern of the Adapters mounting plates.

4. Insert (4) 5/16 x 3 Hex Bolts with Large Flat Washers through rear of bike carrier tube and Adapter plates, and secure with Lock Nuts. Tighten until the parts are pulled tightly together without indenting main tube (12 - 15 ft-lbs. of torque).

5. Smooth and repaint area cut in Step 1.

WARNING:Do not use bike carrier to carry anything other than bicycles (2 bikes, 50 lbs. max.) Always be sure both Clevis Pins are in place and secured with Hairpins.

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