Rebuilding the 914 Rear Brake Caliper

Tools Required:

11mm Line Wrench

Long 4mm Allen

13mm Socket

Small Int. Snap Ring Pliers

17mm Box Wrench

T27 Torxbit

7mm Wrench

Brake Fluid

13mm Wrench

Brake Clean

Contrary to some opinions, the 914 rear brake caliper is easily rebuildable. Rebuilding saves expensive caliper replacement as well as down time.

First, raise the vehicle and place it on a jack stand. Adjust the rear brake caliper to allow removal of the brake pads. (Turn the inner adjuster counter-clockwise and the outer adjuster clockwise.) Disconnect the emergency brake cable. Remove the caliper from the swing arm and disconnect the brake fluid line. Use the bleeder screw cover to cap the loose brake line. Clamp the caliper in a vise and spray penetrating oil on all threaded surfaces. Separate the caliper into two halves. Remove the bleeder screw, dust boot, and brake fluid. Remove the pistons using the brake pad adjusting mechanism. The piston will not just fall out, but once all outward adjustment has been accomplished, the piston can be extracted with pliers. The outer adjusting lug can be removed from the caliper once the "C" clip and lock nut are removed. The inner adjusting lug can be removed once the snap ring is removed. Carefully replace the adjusting lug seals after lubricating with brake fluid. Polish the pistons with emery cloth or a fine bristled grinder brush. Clean all parts thoroughly with brake cleaner and blow dry with compressed air. Install the adjusting lugs in the locknut and "C" clip on the outer adjusting lug.
Assemble the inner adjusting lug in the following manner:

Apply a small amount of grease between A and B to hold the two parts together. With a small long bladed screwdriver, compress the crown against the spring pushing towards the inner diameter of the crown. Carefully insert the entire assembly into the caliper. Compress the snap ring securely into the grove. Lightly coat all remaining parts with brake fluid. Install the piston sealing rings and pistons. Screw the pistons into the caliper body using the adjusting mechanism. Fit the piston dust seals onto the pistons before they are completely seated. Use the old dust boot securing rings or clip 5mm from each new ring and install. Replace the caliper half seals and assemble the caliper body. Be sure to torque all brake hardware to required specifications: caliper to swing arm 51 ft lbs; caliper half nuts 8 ft lbs, brake line to caliper 11 ft lbs.

Reinstall the caliper and adjust the brake venting clearance to .008 in. Bleed the entire brake system. Connect the emergency brake cable. Install the wheels and torque the lug bolts to 90 ft lbs. Lower vehicle and recheck the brake system for proper operation.

1. When setting outer pad vent clearance, the adjuster must be turned counter-clockwise so the small seal will reset in place against the inner cylinder wall. If not the caliper will leak.

2. When adjusting the inner piston, if the piston will not adjust, the adjusting spring clip isn't set in place in the caliper. Push in on the piston while adjusting the caliper outward. (clock-wise turning motion)

3. If inner adjusting lug cover is stuck, hit it gently with a hammer to break it free.

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